Hello Dubai!

The city that appears out of nowhere.  A hazy cloud blurs out any crystal clear visuals of anything, but the monstrosity of the buildings in Dubai cannot be argued. Architecturally, even off the main drag of sheikh zayed rd, it's as if you have entered the city of Oz. This 43 year old old city looks brand new from head to toe and the massive amounts of construction show that we have yet to see the best from this amazing place. 

Traveling to Dubai could be intimidating, but I had the greatest welcome orientation ever given by my one and only egyptian love, Yasmeen Seif. Not only did I get to catch up with my little ex pat who has been out here for 9 years, in three days she showed me the best of the best Dubai has to offer. One of my most favorite things are the people. The kindness of every person I came across is like nothing I've ever seen stateside. I can see why it's so easy for people to end up staying here.  

Other favorites are obviously the architecture ( borj kahlifa, palm jumeirah, every single other stunning tower in the skyline) and the food. Definitely a culinary hub. Half the time I had no idea what I was eating, but all the time I didn't care. Tajine at the One and Only had some powdered sugar chicken pocket.  I'm still dreaming of it. 
Some must sees are Riva Beach Club-  Like a Nikki Beach but more of a laid back vibe. Borj Al Arab- Worlds only 7 star hotel.  I guess it gets the extra two stars for all the gold and over the top gaudiness, but it is worth experiencing.  You have to have a reservation to enter.  Make one for the Sky Lounge for a cocktail.  You must spend $100 per person, but its worth it to say that you went.  Lastly- The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel.  Go for the day.  Stay in the pool.  Lobby is out of this world.

Overall, the juxtaposition of this very new sexy city next to age old traditions is my favorite takeaway. Men taking their tea in traditional dress while 20 something's sit next to them in their harve leger and louboutins. Smoking shisha while snapchatting. It's all just a very cool marriage of the two worlds coming together. 

Not much more I can say to do this fine city justice, so pictures will have to do.  4 Days was the perfect amount of time in this 115 degree city.