And On The First Day, They Traveled...

Its crazy how you plan and plan.  Pack and repack.  Buy all the necessary items.  Travel to the airport.  Go through all the motions of prepping for a trip of this size and it still- even as I sit here 10 hours deep on this flight, doesn't seem real.  
Will reality set in when I am going through customs?  Or will it more likely be when I step foot into that 105 degree air with mosque speakers blaring in the streets, and taking visual stock as you scan the surroundings realizing that you, a blonde American chick are now very much the minority. ?  Who knows.
Most likely it will be when we pull up to Palm Jumeirah and take in the grandness of the almost impossible to fathom manmade archipelago I will be staying on for a week. Point being, any way you slice it, at this moment my reality is still but a dream.  I feel like I will awake any moment and I will be home in comfortable New Jersey going about my day.
I am now 12 hours deep into this trip. Etihad airway has proven to be impeccable.  Coolest stewardess outfits I have seen to date, free wifi, booze, 900 meals, coach seats that recline more than most.  Two very enthusiastic but sleepy thumbs up.
Before I go on too much on a tangent, I need to take a moment to thank all the people who where involved in the strategic planning of this multi faceted journey.  Yasmeen Seif- my Egytpian Goddess who has opened her home to us in our first stop, Dubai.  Max Osbon whose 6 month wordily travels served as the skeleton of which we built our trip. Karissa Leaver who's insite and recent Thailand adventures aided us build out this journey into something very magnificent.  At this moment, I would like to say Thank you.  I will forever be grateful and we will take you guys with us throughout this whole month long journey. 
it all, I am excited for everything we are about to experience.  The things I will learn from others and my surroundings.  The amazing venues we are about to discover.  This huge chunk of the world i am about to unlock and learn so much more about.  I am truly blessed and grateful.