Blogger crush

So while I wait to wrap up my Box v Box showdown, (I am still eating and judging as we speak), I have been fundamentally inspired by this blogger and I have to share her with the tens of people who may or may not read this.
Her name is Cara Loren Von Brocklin, and she just liked my insta post.  #NBD!  Anyway, moving outside of this current freak out moment, I digress.  Cara was introduced to me by one of my lovely clients.  She came to a meeting with flawless waves.  When I asked her where she gets her hair done, (convinced curls that fly can't be done in-home) she told me about the awesome deal she got on a set of NuMe wands from her favorite blogger.  Our stalking/work ratio at that point went from 0/100 to 80/20.  Talking about lounge vignettes to pulling up youtube videos on best teeth whitening pens.  I can't say it was the most productive work meeting, but I had hella takeaways.
Anyway, bottom line is you must check her out.  She is adorable, totally my style, she blogs for the right reasons, has an gorgeous family, and looks amazing even preggo with her second ( I'm gunna have to find out her workout/ nutrition routine). She also posts tons of promo codes and deals for the products she uses so it is an added bonus to be a stalker... I mean fan.
Bottom line.  If she wrote a book, I would read it.  I have subscribed to her brand 100%.  Love your hustle, young lady! A+
P.S.I love your baby's tank game.  Its on a milli.  I hope my kids are this swagged out :o)