Brain Busters

My boyfriend is fantastic.  He is always pushing me (professionally) and posing questions that really get me thinking.  Even though sometimes I get defensive or annoyed, I know the only reasons why those feelings are coming up is because he has hit a nerve on something that needs more attention or a better approach.  Recently, one of those questions popped up, and for once, I didn't find myself flustered, annoyed, or scrounging for a response.
"What sets you apart from every other Event Planner out there?"  he asked. To which I responded, "Well I do full event production, not just event planning".  If I thought the conversation was going to end there, that would make me a very silly girl.  "What is the difference?" was his rebuttal.  So this made me think.  If he doesn't know the difference, he must be like most people out there. This inspired me fill everyone in right quick on how E.S.P.oused is just the right amount of different from those other planners out there. 
I am not going to sit here and tell you what others do.  I don't know everyone's company and what strokes work for those folks.  I can tell you the things that we do that I believe go above and beyond the call of duty.
From the moment I start with a client, I like to really get to know them.  I think its silly to think that you can't get close and become friends with the person you are about to go on a very in-depth journey with. My work day is never over.  I know the feeling when you have an email or a text and its pending a response.  Its unsettling to not feel like the first priority, so I am always reachable.  
The other thing that is most unique is that we have a fine arts and design background, so all collateral is produced in- house.  Invitations, place cards, menus, table numbers- you name it.  We design a whole suite catered to you so there is uniformity throughout the event.  That art background also comes in handy with our crafting department.  If its on pinterest or etsy, we can craft it.  
Lastly, besides producing the whole event & managing vendors, we love to focus on organization and post-event wrap up.  We are hyper organized over here at E.S.P.oused Events, so once the event is over, our team doesn't stop caring.  Whether it be helping with the organization of gifts & banging out those thank-yous, or creating a game plan for those turning his and hers into ours spaces.  There is so much to put into order after an event is done, and lets me honest- only sickos like us live for that find of organization and planning.  The "Hangover" planning package, if you will, is something I don't think you will find with many other planners.
So that's my answer, babe.  Anymore brain busters?
As ever ,
Lizzy xx