Procrastinators, Welcome

When I was younger, I was a little bit of an ADD scatterbrain who always ended up on the losing side of things due to forgotten or missed opportunities.  As I started to build my brand, I realized quickly that there was no room for that kind of behavior, and I quickly subscribed to the polar opposite belief of "DO IT NOW" and "TO DO LISTS".  
Because of this new personality trait, I find that it sometimes leaves me a little rigid and uptight.  Not allowing the moment to just be.  I get caught up in the nervous energy that surrounds me knowing the possible outcome if I forget a task or I miss an opportunity. 
Recently, my significant other and partner in crime pointed out to me that there is a middle ground and in that middle ground is where you find people living in the present and being ok with the unplanned future. Knowing there is life after a missed opportunity.
Listen, I am not saying I am going to pitch my agenda, and stop making to do lists- I AM A EVENT PLANNER FOR PETE'S SAKE. I have, however, found a great middle ground thanks to a few awesome websites that let me live a little more "fly by the seat of my pants".
At the end of the day, we all are exactly where we are supposed to be. So if we jump on something or forget something- either way, the outcome was exactly what was supposed to happen.
Last Minute Traveling
No one likes a workaholic.  Lately, I have been clocking in at 70+ hours a week.  All work and no play makes anyone a dull boy.  I have also realized, the longer I am away from fun the less I miss it.  It is almost like I don't remember what it's like to let my hair down, so I make excuses to keep moving full steam ahead without losing momentum.  That all sounds like shit, so when I find myself in that split moment where I realize i have become a lame ass, I will go on one of these sites and just book it right away before I get a chance to give myself a reason not to.  The prices are amazing-  even better if you would book of plan months in advance.
Last Minute Travel for flights.  They have amazing customer service too!
Jet Setter For amazing hotels at discounted rates.   Deals only last a limited time, so **** or get off the pot.
Hotel Tonight Downloadable app for 1 night only deals that are made available THAT DAY.  So if you are open for Hotel hopping, you can find amazing deals on 5 star hotels.
Restaurants, Adventures, and everything in between 
I love planning out date night, but sometimes its better to let the deal pick you!  
Savored Gives you specific restaurants and discount based on the time and day you want to make your reso. Everything from Le Cirque to Sons of Essex ( for you New Yorkers)
Gilt City  Not limited to just restaurants.  Any kind of fun last minute activities can be found here.
LifeBooker  Book your last minute discounted service right then and there
As ever, 
Lizzy XX