Branching out

Surround yourself with the type of people you would most like to be like.  Fortunately, I find myself these days, surrounded by people with the biggest entrepreneurial spirits, their energy is palpable and mindset is contagious.  

My wheels for e.s.p.oused are constantly turning, but now, I find myself looking at every situation I am in as a business opportunity.  I have bought about 15 domains, I have 3 different branches of e.s.p.oused I am working on, and 2 new websites i am creating.  Obviously all of these projects won't take flight, but just the momentum of creating and building-  something is bound to stick, no?

To that end-  I present to you some of the music video production work we have tackled.  Taking on set design, wardrobe, prop sourcing, et scouting, hair, makeup, choreography- it has really opened up our eyes as to the possibilities of where a producer is needed.


Both videos are directed by the talented Jon Kilmer and take on two very different vibes.  In Good Girl, the goal was to have a fun playful, grown up sleep over feel.  Hyper color, glitter, girly.   In Bounce, we went for grit.  A throw back to early 90's rap, we pulled moves, makeup tips, and wardrobe ideas from classics like MC Hammer, Kris Cross, and Salt n Peppa.  Sourcing the wardrobe was hard, but taking a trip back to a simpler time where hair was big and fashion was looking your worst.

We look forward to doing more of this work.  Its long and hard days, but a ton of fun.