Mercury in Retrograde; How to cope with losing your damn mind

It's so easy, especially when you are living in a city like NYC, to allow yourself to get wound up so tight, that by Friday you are one wrong look away from losing your shit.

Let's forget about mercury this week and how it decided to be in retrograde (whatever that means). This week was touch and go for lots of humanoids.

At times like these, I look to 4 things to help me try and re-harness any semblance of stable human behavior I once had.

1) A sick workout to ensure I don't hurt anything living or break something in my apt building since they still hold a hefty security deposit over my head with their power hungry paws.

2) Meditation and/or pampering of some sort. This week it was an hour long, passed out, drooling nap sesh to Enya whilst getting my lashes did.

3) The Boyfriend mood stabilizer. Even though his breathing this week made me want to chop him in the throat, just one look into his Baby Poos, (what I call his gorge brown eyes), and it's as if all is right with the world again and perspective is regained.  Crying over a button falling off my duvet is not only ridiculous, but unacceptable for an adult.

And lastly, my new favorite, 

4 )The Little Grizz. My niece, Emma is the truest pint sized chill pill. Hanging out with her is all I need to allow me to end my week on a high instead of a  lunatic one.