Baby's first blog post

I may or may not have been told, (definitely told), I (over) expose my thoughts, images, and general moment-to-moment updates on social media... I accept that constructive criticism and this is my solution. I thought this whole blog thing may be a more intellectually sound way of me constantly speaking my mind. 

When given a huge blank canvas to write and post images, I am starting to think it will have an adverse effect on my "post vomit" mentality.  I am used to being confined by a number of characters, length of video, or image size.  Living my life here in blog land may be good for me. Instead of wanting to post everything, I think this may teach me the lesson of being more intentional with my posts and make each one really count... or maybe not :o)

Topic of the day is that I've been stupid inspired lately.  Even after logging 10 hours at my "day job", creatively and entrepreneurially, (just made up a word...boom), my brain just wont quit.  Throwing down another 6 hrs on the e.s.p.oused payroll is nothing.  There is a lot of new crappola on the frontier for e.s.p.oused events and I'm jazzed to share it.

Besides creating a whole other level of website for myself, I have really stepped up my business card game, and just finished designing a pamphlet that is just maj, if you ask me or Rachel Zoe.

Anyway- not sure how to end these things, so lets just say until next time.



#sneakpeak of the goods.  Guess I have to start unhashtagging when I write and speak now.